The Wall Street Journal: Web Video Creators Take Lessons on How to Promo From Branded Entertainment


"Mr. Cleveland produced his own Web video short film that he hopes to turn into a series. Instead of just posting it to YouTube and hoping for the best, Mr. Cleveland took what he’d learned from his branded entertainment experience to try and promote SPiN, which depicts a heated interview between a financial journalist and a Wall Street executive."  Read Mike Shields' full SPiN story in The Wall Street Journal

The Art of the Short Film: SPiN - The IndieWire Review


"Last we heard about Hartley Sawyer and Wilson Cleveland, they were in a truly destructive, nightmarish relationship. That was “Kept Man.” The pair’s moved on, but the nightmare hasn’t ended. Taking on Wall Street, irresponsible corporate spending, and the seedy truth behind the news, their latest short film, SPiN is a doozy.  Cleveland, the film’s gay writer-actor, plays James Locke, a journalist aching for the story that could turn his whole world upside down. Sawyer plays Scott Angelus, the “Prince of Wall Street” whose father has given him control of a large portion of his firm’s assets. And in SPiN they meet for an on-air interview. It’s one for the ages."

Read the IndieWIRE review of SPiN.

VideoInk News: WATCH THIS: New Film, 'SPiN' from Wilson Cleveland Pits Journalist Against Wall Street Mogul

Wilson Cleveland   as James Locke in 'SPiN'

"The film from Iris Mediaworks focuses on a financial news network where a journalist (played by Wilson Cleveland) seeks to expose a Wall Street mogul’s Hartley Sawyer illegal activities on the air. SPiN also has a multi-media element. Since the story focuses on media as the “court of public opinion,” Cleveland created (fictional) editorial about the film’s characters that they actually refer to in the film. Here’s a link to the Backstories on Medium.

Read the full VideoInk News article: New Film from Wilson Cleveland Pits Journalist Against Wall Street Mogul.