BuzzFeed's 7 Things We Learned Watching Scott Angelus On Live TV


Scott Angelus appeared on Financial News Channel’s Power Breakfast this morning with fill-in host James Locke, for what he probably expected to be a fluffy segment hocking his new book, Trading Up. Instead, the world was treated to a 10-minute live interview train wreck birthed from a Shonda Rhimes fever dream. Buzzfeed picked their 7 favorite moments from this morning's live trainwreck

Hartley Sawyer and Wilson Cleveland Talk 'SPiN' with Tubefilter

SPiN is a twisty drama starring Hartley Sawyer and Wilson Cleveland that takes place almost entirely over the course of a live CNBC-type interview. Think of it as Frost/Nixon meets Wolf of Wall StreetSawyer and Cleveland have become frequent collaborators, and SPiN represents the latest chapter in their bromance. During the filming of SPiN, Tubefilter joined the film’s two stars on set to talk about their past, present, and future work.

Tubefilter: ‘SPiN’ Twists And Turns Through Newsroom Interview

Wilson Cleveland  as James Locke in  SPiN

Wilson Cleveland as James Locke in SPiN

"Wall Street corruption is a well-tread topic on traditional media platforms, but it is still somewhat under-explored online. Enter SPiN. The 15-minute short film, helmed by online video vet Wilson Cleveland, takes place during a TV interview with an arrogant banker.  SPiN stars Cleveland and Hartley Sawyer; the two actors previous led Cleveland’s previous short film, Kept Man. This time, instead of appearing as a psychotic lover, Sawyer is a Wall Street egomaniac who plays it cool during an interview with Cleveland’s TV journalist. The result is filled with Sorkin-esque banter, political intrigue, and just enough sexual tension."

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SPiN is Sorkin-esque in the Best Sense of the Word, says New Media Rockstars

hartley-sawyer-and-wilson-cleveland argue-in-spin.jpg

"Wilson  Cleveland, playing a perfect pastiche of the classic cable news financial correspondent, faces off in an interview against Hartley Sawyer who plays a hereditary one-percenter, the heir to a banking fortune and a caricature of the risk-happy investment bank golden boys who caused the financial crisis. Cleveland is once again paired with his Kept Man co-star Hartley Sawyer and the film makes great use of the two leads’ existing chemistry. Anyone who knows me knows that there’s nothing I love more than a witty turn of phrase. The repartee between the two characters is both adversarial and familiar. It’s Sorkin-esque in the best sense of the word."

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Filmy Aces Exclusive Interview with Actor Wilson Cleveland


"I’ve had an interesting journey. I did a lot of theater in high school and was on a few TV shows while still in college. I loved acting but at the time, the thought of making a go of it professionally after graduation scared me to death, so I spent the next 10 years on the marketing/PR side of the business. Then YouTube and online video changed everything in 2005/2006. Suddenly there was an opportunity to create things I could act in without any studio executive oversight and that people could actually see. I’ve been doing it ever since."

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